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Tuffill Verner Associates is a multi-channel, digital and direct marketing consultancy, founded by Alastair and Victoria Tuffill in 1996.

With the rapid and ongoing evolution of media, channels and technology, TVA’s blogs are designed to provide information, views and updates for TVA clients, colleagues and followers.  We look forward to your comments as lively debate is one of our core aims!

TVA’s integrated, multi-channel approach is driven both by analytics and creativity to ensure that the right communications are sent to the right customers through the right media – and, of increasingly importance, allowing customers to respond through their chosen channel – online or offline.

TVA consultants cover a range of business sectors, including retail, publishing, insurance, financial services, travel, utilities and telcos.

For more information on the consultancy, you can visit our home page or call 07967 148398 – victoria.tuffill