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Writing Concepts To Boost Your Marketing Communications Collateral

We’ve reblogged this because it’s a good reminder of the basics of any kind of campaign – whether it’s marketing or building a website, or establishing a social media network, or, indeed writing communications collateral.

It really is just too easy to blast off without thinking it through first – and this blog summarises neatly the steps you should take before even putting pen to paper. Good advice – thanks gracesurya


Image1. Have clear objectives

While this first concept may seem like common sense, there are plenty of examples out there to say otherwise. Before you begin writing your collateral, decide on your objectives What is it you want to convey to your reader. Do you want them to call you and place an order? Are you trying to inform them about a new product and service? What is the purpose for you writing the copy? You need to have these questions answered before you begin writing. If you are not clear about your objective, then how can you expect your customer or potential customer to understand what it is you want them to do.

2. Create copy that readers can scan first

Your marketing collateral is fighting for the readers attention just like the other guys marketing collateral. Be it printed direct mail pieces or your website, you need to…

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